Jane – Counselling Example 1

Jane – Counselling Example 1

Jane, a 46 year old woman, had suffered with depression for several years. She was finding that the times of depression were impacting her ability to maintain her career and were having a detrimental effect on her relationship. More recently she had begun to exhibit hibernating behaviours, which included withdrawing from friends and social activities, and her self confidence was at an all time low. Initially it was a relief for her to be listened to and for her to be able to explore her thoughts and feelings. We explored patterns relating to others and the origins of core beliefs which had shaped how she viewed herself in relation to others and the world around her.

We then worked to find strategies to consider other ways of thinking to support change and help her lift her depression. Jane began to understand and accept herself as she became aware of and took ownership of her strengths. She learned to recognise the negative way she had spoken to herself in the past could change.

“It is a relief to realise that I can take some control of my feelings and know that I am able to change things about myself and enjoy life again. I have really appreciated the space to talk and be listened to. Gentle probing and challenging have been fruitful and I am in a much better place than I have been before.

Having a neutral space to think things through, to feel real emotion and to accept myself more has made my life function in colour again instead of black and white.”