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Counselling is a short term talking therapy which provides you with an opportunity to explore issues, concerns or distress affecting your life. It is an opportunity to be heard in a non judgemental, safe and supportive environment.

My clients often find it easier to talk to a counsellor rather than their family or close friends about what is troubling them. Family and friends are extremely important but sometimes they can become too upset or too involved. Counselling provides time and space for you to talk through your issues with an impartial and empathic listener who is experienced and trained.

This environment can help you to offload and explore your feelings, gain new awareness and investigate and consider different choices. It is not about giving advice or telling you what to do but enabling you to find your own way forward and to help you better understand yourself.

People will often turn to counselling at particular times in their lives, perhaps when something has happened which has undermined their sense of who they are. This can cause them to question their understanding of the world and what life is about, or to re-examine their values, goals and motivation for life and where they want to be.

Starting Your Therapy

My usual practice is to invite potential clients for an initial consultation. This provides us with an opportunity to meet to consider together what has brought you to a time and place in your life whereby you are considering talking therapy as an option for yourself and what you might be hoping for from your sessions. It also enables you to meet me to see if you would feel comfortable working with me on your identified needs.

Book your initial consultation via my contact page or by phoning my confidential line on 07913 885545