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Psychotherapy is a longer term therapy which involves the therapist listening to your experiences, and exploring connections between your present feelings and actions and past events.

This longer term work allows us to address issues that are deeper seated in our personal process and allows the client to become aware of how they may wish to make some adjustments to the way they interact with the rest of the world in order to live a more satisfied and fulfilled life.

Psychotherapy aims to help you understand more about you and your relationships and can help you to get to know yourself better, improve your relationships and get more out of life. It can be especially useful in helping people with long term or recurring problems get to the root of their difficulties. This type of therapy is open ended with regular reviews.

Starting Your Therapy

My usual practice is to invite potential clients for an initial consultation. This provides us with an opportunity to meet to consider together what has brought you to a time and place in your life whereby you are considering talking therapy as an option for yourself and what you might be hoping for from your sessions. It also enables you to meet me to see if you would feel comfortable working with me on your identified needs.

Book your initial consultation via my contact page or by phoning my confidential line on 01202 824767