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I believe that our emotional and psychological health has a significant impact on the quality of our lives, and our potential for living the life that we desire.

Why counselling?

The reasons people come for counselling are numerous. You may find that you have always functioned perfectly well but that the impact of a one-off event has de-stabilised your sense of who you are and your usual coping mechanisms are stretched to breaking point. Sometimes we are simply feeling ‘stuck’ in negative behavioural patterns and want and need something to change but are not sure how.

Short term and long term counselling

The short term work is for clients who wish to work in a very focused way and will usually require between 6-10 sessions. Sometimes clients may use this as a taster to see if they wish to embark on longer term work.

Longer term therapy allows us to address issues that are deeper seated in our personal process and allows the client to become aware of how they can make some adjustments to the way they interact with the rest of the world in order to live a more satisfied and fulfilled life.

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